Skywire Audio cables contain the best of 20 years’ continuous research and development, as embodied in the designs by Don Palmer, formerly of Highwire Audio Cables.  Don’s goal with Skywire is to produce high-end cables that are faithful to the music without sonic artifacts.

The cable design of Skywire cables differ from other high end audio cables is in the use of Radio Frequency (RF) suppression around the cable.  This is accomplished by encircling the signal conductors with an efficient electromagnetic RF absorbing material.

The suppression is to reduce the RF ringing and RF noise in the cables.  The design theory is that RF energy in a cable will reflect from the ends of the cable and will set up a sustained ringing.  By reducing the sustained ringing, the cable noise is reduced and the reproduction of  low level audio signals is improved and is not distorted.  Suppressing the cable will yield the quietest results since one cable with RF noise can raise the noise floor in the entire system. It is convinced that properly reducing the RF in cables will give sonic benefits that cannot be achieved in any other way.

There are many ways to reduce RF noise and ringing in cables.  Some methods include impedance matching, the use of ferrite RF absorbers, and various methods of low pass filtering.  The technique used in Skywire cables is to absorb the magnetic energy in the RF standing wave.  This method of electromagnetic suppression gives a greater reduction in RF ringing than the other methods.  Its side effects are less damaging to the audio fidelity than most of the other methods, and its sonic character is better. It is this combination of the greatest reduction in ringing and the least negative side effects that give Skywire cables their distinct qualities.

All Skywire cables use 14 GA. 19 strand silver coated copper.  The wire is insulated with extruded Teflon.  Conductors are twisted in a specific lay length and shielded with braided, silver plated copper shield coverage overall.  The RCA plugs are gold plated to eliminate corrosion, with finger barrel custom built with non-metallic materials which minimize metal ringing.