The Skywire Audio Difference

All audio components, including cables, have sonic artifacts that alter the harmonic structure of the music. The virtual elimination of those artifacts is what sets Skywire Audio cables apart from all others. The design and use of our patented Standing Wave Suppressors is the key to reproducing music from a background as quiet and deep as space itself.

Natural reproduction of instrumental overtones and freedom from grain and veiling are just some of the qualities you will hear with our cables. Skywire Audio cables provide consistent sound quality from system to system and over a wide range of components, speakers, and music.

Each cable is critically tuned to assure peak performance, regardless of length or application. As a result, they bring out the best in your components, and you enjoy clear and effortless music reproduction. Before investing in any other upgrade, hear the Skywire Audio difference for yourself.

The Skywire Audio Designer

Designing high-end components that are faithful to the music is a technical challenge for any engineer. Skywire Audio cables are designed by Don Palmer, engineer and designer of Highwire Audio Cables and Power Wraps. The designs use tested Radio Frequency engineering principles.

Skywire Audio - - changing the way you hear cables today

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