SE Review on Stereo Times

 (David Abramson -2011

This is it. The best interconnect and/or digital cable I have ever heard, and I've heard a lot (Fewer than Harry Pearson and more than Cory Greenberg-- somewhere in there). These are the best and I hate that word! I especially hate when other reviewers use it. But this is my award and I get to, so I am. Other cables have impressed me with their detail or their speed or their energy, but Skywire's 2020 cables are speedy, detailed and energized and yet they are tonally glorious. There is nothing fatiguing, nothing overlying voices that shouldn’t and positively no grit or grain. Proprietary materials/ and technologies seem to work here as advertised-- rendering them graveyard-quiet without killing top end air or dampening down detail. As you work your way up the Skywire line, you go from solid value-for-money (the SEs), to “Wow, that's even better!” (the 1200s), to “Damn-- this is among the best cables I've ever heard-- soooooooo right on!” (the 1400s), to—“F?!# me!!! These are just soooo... is my credit card maxed?  How much can I get for a 5 year old cat on Ebay who doesn’t eat that much?? I MUST have these!” That's the Skywire Audio 2020. ($945.00/1m pair)